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  • Full Website administration and updates by Multi-World Technologies, LLC

HIPAA Server

  • VMware ESXi Cluster w/ High Availability included
  • Network Attached Storage (per GB) - 50 GB
  • Bandwidth (Mbps) - 1 Mbps
  • Bursting Capacity (up to 50 Mbps) included
  • Assigned Private IP Address included
  • Assigned Public IP Address - 1 address

Managed Security Services

  • Multi-tenant Isolation included
  • Server Hardening included
  • Two-Factor Authentication & Secure Access (per user)
  • Anti-DDoS Management (per VM)
  • Managed firewall rules (per VM)
  • Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (per VM)
  • Antivirus Protection (per VM)
  • Host Intrusion Detection System (per VM)
  • SIEM & Logger (per VM) 
  • Vulnerability Testing (per VM)
  • Botnet Protection - IP Reputation Management (per VM) 
  • Security Log Review (per VM)
  • Web Application Firewall (per web server) 

NeoCertified Secure Messaging (HIPAA)

  • 1 dedicated NeoCertified account
  • With NeoCertified the message is safe because it never leaves the NeoCertified environment. Instead, the intended recipient is invited to view the message on the NeoCertified server. First, an authorized user logs into the NeoCertified Secure Server and creates a message. An email message is sent to the intended recipient informing them that a HIPAA message is waiting for them to access and read. The recipient opens the message directly on the NeoCertified server and reads it. When the recipient writes their reply, another message is sent to the original sender, informing them that the other party has a reply message waiting to be read.


  • SSL certificate for data encryption